A brief thank you note to Helen Pluckrose

Hi, Helen.

I’m very happy that you liked your texts being translated into spanish. With time, I will also translate these into portuguese. (Unfortunately I can’t express myself in english — I’m working on that — and this note has been translated.)

Your work is very stimulating to me. We need strong women.

And it’s inspiring. We need strong men too, who develop abilities to defend the achievements of modernity. One of the things I stake for is to address men’s and boy’s issues with hearth, without falling into victimism and the polarized political agitation it comes with. This is the challenge that I’m concern with, so that’s why I wanna thank you for your work.

I’m collaborating with and learning from Carlos Rodriguez, from the blog ¿Quién se beneficia de tu hombría?, where it is established another historic line about gender relations. There’s great affinity, really surprising, between this project and your article, “How to Tell If You’re Living in a Patriarchy: A Historical Perspective”.

This article is also very appreciated by Roxana Kreimer, and her scientific feminism,@feminisciencia, with which she confronts the strange ideas of postmodernism.

We are beginning to know each other and to establish projects, and what I can say is that it’s very exciting.

My regards.

Traducciones sobre los asuntos de los hombres, la izquierda liberal, las políticas de identidad y la moral. #i2 @Carnaina

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